Financial Management & Economics for Finance

Financial Management & Economics for Finance ICAI Study Material

Section-A: Financial Management

Sr. No.Topic NameUnitDownload
Module-1Initial PagesClick Here
1Scope and Objectives of Financial ManagementScope and Objectives of Financial ManagementClick Here
2Types of FinancingTypes of FinancingClick Here
3Financial Analysis and Planning – Ratio AnalysisFinancial Analysis and Planning – Ratio AnalysisClick Here
4Cost of CapitalCost of CapitalClick Here
5Financing Decisions – Capital StructureFinancing Decisions – Capital StructureClick Here
6Financing Decisions – LeveragesFinancing Decisions – LeveragesClick Here
Appendix – Financial TablesAppendix – Financial TablesClick Here
Module-2Initial PagesClick Here
7Investment DecisionsInvestment DecisionsClick Here
8Risk Analysis in Capital BudgetingRisk Analysis in Capital BudgetingClick Here
9Dividend DecisionsDividend DecisionsClick Here
10Management of Working CapitalUnit I: Introduction to Working Capital ManagementClick Here
Unit II: Treasury and Cash ManagementClick Here
Unit III: Management of InventoryClick Here
Unit IV: Management of ReceivablesClick Here
Unit V: Management of Payables (Creditors)Click Here
Unit VI: Financing of Working CapitalClick Here
###Appendix – Financial TablesAppendix – Financial TablesClick Here

Section-B: Economics for Finance

Sr. No.Topic NameUnitDownload
Module-1Initial PagesClick Here
1Determination of National IncomeUnit I: National Income AccountingClick Here
Unit II: The Keynesian Theory of Determination of National IncomeClick Here
2Public FinanceUnit I: Fiscal Functions: An OverviewClick Here
Unit II: Market FailureClick Here
Unit III: Government Interventions to Correct Market FailureClick Here
Unit IV: Fiscal PolicyClick Here
3Money MarketUnit I: The Concept of Money Demand : Important TheoriesClick Here
Unit II: The Concept of Money SupplyClick Here
Unit III: Monetary PolicyClick Here
4International TradeUnit I: Theories of International TradeClick Here
Unit II: The Instruments of Trade PolicyClick Here
Unit III: Trade NegotiationsClick Here
Unit IV: Exchange Rate and Its Economic EffectsClick Here
Unit V: International Capital MovementsClick Here
###GlossaryGlossaryClick Here

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