Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge ICAI Study Material

Topic No.Chapter NameUnitDownload
Part-I: Business EconomicsInitial PagesClick Here
1Nature & Scope of Business EconomicsUnit I: IntroductionClick Here
Unit II: Basic Problems of an Economy & Role of Price MechanismClick Here
2Theory of Demand and SupplyUnit I: Law of Demand and Elasticity of DemandClick Here
Unit II: Theory of Consumer BehaviourClick Here
Unit III: SupplyClick Here
3Theory of Production and CostUnit I: Theory of ProductionClick Here
Unit II: Theory of CostClick Here
4Meaning and Types of MarketsUnit I: Meaning and Types of MarketsClick Here
Unit II: Determination of PricesClick Here
Unit III: Price Output Determination under Different Market FormsClick Here
5Business CyclesBusiness CyclesClick Here
###GlossaryGlossaryClick Here
###Questions for PracticeQuestions for PracticeClick Here
###Corrigendum to Study MaterialCorrigendum to Study MaterialClick Here
Part-II: Business and Commercial KnowledgeInitial PagesClick Here
1Business and Commercial Knowledge – An IntroductionBusiness and Commercial Knowledge – An IntroductionClick Here
2Business EnvironmentBusiness EnvironmentClick Here
3Business OrganizationsBusiness OrganizationsClick Here
4Government Policies for Business GrowthGovernment Policies for Business GrowthClick Here
5Organizations Facilitating BusinessOrganizations Facilitating BusinessClick Here
6Common Business TerminologiesCommon Business TerminologiesClick Here

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